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Regis University Library’s Leave Your Mark program seeks to collect, archive, and provide access to stories, perspectives, and experiences of Regis University community members. We aim to capture real-life responses to historical events such as social and political movements, and significant cultural happenings. Our goal is to collect materials that are reflective of all the diverse voices of our community, so that future historians, students, scholars, and researchers will understand what it means to be a member of the Regis community. This program aims to pivot and counter the historical nature of archival practices, which have typically been representative of dominant culture, thus excluding marginalized voices. We welcome histories, perspectives, and narratives that reflect the diverse student and faculty body, with an aim to amplifying and elevating the social activist activities that are at the heart of Regis University’s mission. Submissions may include oral histories, photographs, text, video, multimedia, and more. Visit this pageto share your story and leave your mark!